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MCareMD : What we treat

What is this?

Our sebaceous glands secrete a lubricating oily waxy matter called sebum.  Sebum’s purpose is to waterproof and lubricate skin and hair.  But, when the sebaceous gland gets clogged with dirt, dead skin cells or too much sebum, the gland can get infected.  It reddens and swells creating a pimple.  When this condition happens over and over again and involves many glands such as during puberty, it’s called acne.  Acne involves blackheads, whiteheads, cysts as well as pimples.      

What are the symptoms?

The signs and symptoms of acne depend on the severity of the acne.  Small pimples scattered across the face or back with no other symptoms can be the extent of acne for one patient whereas another may suffer painful large cystic nodules that ooze and scars.  Patients may also experience a combination acne including both closed and open obstructed pores called whiteheads and blackheads (otherwise known as comedones) respectively.  Long standing battles with acne involving bursting and disturbing the lesions by squeezing may worsen the skin’s appearance and cause pits to form.

Can it be treated?

There are many over-the-counter products available designed to dry the skin or medicate it.  Depending on the severity of acne, these products can be very effective.  More severe cases, however, require prescription strength treatments including oral antibiotics.  

How can MCare M.D. help?

If you have acne that’s difficult to control with just store-bought products, let us know us everything during your meeting with your MCare M.D. doctor.  Be prepared to tell us when, where, how long…everything.  Don’t worry.  Everything you tell us is completely confidential.  If the doctor thinks that you have an infection that can be treated with an oral prescription medication he or she will send an order to the pharmacy of your choice instantly.  

Acne and Skin Conditions
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