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MCareMD : What we treat

What is this?

The lining in the tubes in your lungs are made of smooth tissue similar to the smooth tissue that lines the inside of your mouth.  In the presence of an allergen or pathogen such as a virus, for patients with a history or susceptibility to asthma this smooth tissue can swell and constrict the tubes in their lungs causing them to cough and wheeze.  Thickened mucus can build and get trapped within the swollen tubes worsening the condition.  For some patients, these symptoms are mild and are more of a nuisance.  For others, they are life-threatening.  

What are the symptoms?

Asthma symptoms vary widely from an occasional faint wheeze induced by exercise or cold weather to severe respiratory distress.  For most patients, their breath gets short especially while speaking or walking short distances.  They’re inclined to lean forward when they sit or “tri-pod” to help them breathe better and their expiration is prolonged.  

Can it be treated?

Asthma exacerbations can be reversed, at least temporarily, but the use of inhalers.  There are rescue inhalers available which deliver quick relief in an emergency and there are mechanical nebulizer treatments which penetrate into deeper areas of the lungs via a medicinal mist.

How can MCare M.D. help?

If you think you are having an asthma exacerbation and you are still able to speak comfortably in full sentences, then connect with an MCare M.D doctor immediately.  Don’t wait.  If, however, you can only breathe by leaning forward, have difficulty speaking because you can’t take a full breath we suggest that you do not wait for an online medical consultation.  See a doctor in person immediately.   

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