Evaluative Physicals

If you are having trouble continuing to work at your usual place of employment or are forced to miss work for multiple days during most months of the year due to a recurrent or chronic medical condition, you may need to be evaluated for disability benefits.  

We can conduct a complete and thorough disability evaluation to satisfy the points of interest for the state of California to consider you for disability.  

The process begins with calling 877-254-4496 to make an appointment with us so that we can fully document your physical examination.  We will order blood work and imaging studies if necessary, collect and review your medical records, and if specialist referrals are necessary in your case, we can order them and centralize the documentation of your diagnosis and care.   The more information that you can provide the Department of Social Services (DSS) that can support your claim of disability the more it will help you to secure a decision of disability in your favor.

After we have been able to collect adequate supporting documents of your disability, we encourage you to complete and submit an application to the DSS.  Include us among your doctors so that we can submit the results. of all of your tests and a letter in support of your claim which may increase your chances of being awarded disability in a timely fashion.

The green card application process requires a physical examination.  That’s where we come in!

The examination is a brief review of your physical and mental health and includes a screening for certain infectious diseases according to the CDC and as required by U.S. immigration law. Without an exam to show that you are medically eligible for residency, your application may be denied approval.

Not every medical provider can conduct this physical examination.  The provider must be a physician designated specifically by the USCIS to conduct this service.  We are proud to be among the list of doctors who are qualified to assist you.

Find Dr. Sargeant on the Civil Surgeon Locator  (enter zip code 91010) Click here to get a list of vaccinations required by the USCIS Not sure which vaccines you need?  Click here to take a short quiz to find out What to expect at your immigration physical with MIMPC

Do you drive for a living or would like to consider a career as a commercial driver?  Then you’ve landed on the right page because all drivers no matter where they are in their career will have to pass a medical examination at the very most every 2 years!  

As of May 21st of 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a branch of the Department of Transportation (DOT), mandated that all drivers must receive his or her physical examinations from a medical examiner listed in the National Registry.  That means you can’t go just anywhere for your exam.  But don’t worry!  That’s where we come in!  We are proud to encourage you to look no further for assistance in satisfying at least this part of your driving requirements.  

We know how stressful it can be to have to worry about passing a physical examination on top of all your other responsibilities when all you’re interested in is getting back on the road.  Well worry not.  As internists not only do we know the FMCSA guidelines and regulations cold, but we live and breath chronic disease detection and management and are the best kind of professionals to help you navigate through any abnormalities which may arise in your exam.  What that means is just because you might not have a stellar physical does not necessarily mean you won’t be able to drive.

Don’t worry about filling out the Medical Examination Report Form- DL 51.   You and your provider will complete it together before you get your certificate.   So don’t delay any further.  

Call today to set up your appointment with us!


MIMPC offers custom corporate / employer service programs to accommodate group physicals, flu shots, TB tests, drug testing, or medical education for your employees and staff.  We can also provide a number of focused medical treatments for minor ailments through our ZIPClinix Telecenter online.  Our services can be customized to tailor to your company’s needs.

Missed work can lead to decreased production and affect your bottom line.  We provide services that can assist your employees in the comfort of their home, hotel room, or office, assuring that they get back onto the road of recovery as quickly as possible.

Make MIMPC a valuable asset and attract top quality employees by making us a part of your benefits package.  Ensure your employees’ health today. Call (877)254-4496 to speak to one of our representatives or to arrange a meeting with us.

Whether you are studying to be a health professional or you’re in college, enrolled in a vocational school, or trade school, chances are your program requires you to have a yearly physical examination to assure that you are healthy and free of communicable diseases before participating in your classes or working with patients.  Let us ease this process for you by scheduling your physical examination, your vaccination titer check and place your PPD for you in our medical office in Duarte, CA or at your school. We will complete any health forms required on the day of your health screen with almost no waiting.

Call us at (877) 254-4496 to begin your hassle-free process today.

The purpose of a preoperative evaluation is not to “clear” you for your elective surgery, but rather to evaluate and, if necessary, implement measures to help lower adverse risks during surgery.  With the consideration of the type of surgery you’re about to have in mind, including oral surgery, we evaluate your health in its entirety taking into account all your acute and chronic medical problems.  Sometimes, the outcome of these evaluations might include beginning treatment or starting prophylactic therapies in to minimize perioperative risks such as infection, cardiac or pulmonary dysfunctions, or unnecessary pain.

A thorough history and physical examination focusing on risk factors for cardiac, pulmonary and infectious complications, and a determination of your overall functional capacity are essential to our evaluation. This may include an EKG and a referral for cardiac stress testing or an assessment of your lungs using a spirometry.  Routine laboratory studies may be checked to monitor any known disease states.  An assessment of your nutritional status is also performed to determine whether pre- and postoperative nutritional supplementation is required.

Our Medical-Legal Evaluations may include an independent medical examination (IME), an agreed medical examination (AME), or qualified medical examination (QME).  These evaluations are may be conducted to determine the cause, extent and medical treatment of a work-related or other injury where liability is at issue, to determine whether you’ve reached maximum benefit from your treatment course, or to determine whether any permanent impairment remains after treatment.

A medical-legal evaluation may be conducted at the behest of an employer or an insurance carrier to obtain an independent opinion of your clinical status. Workers' compensation insurance carriers, auto insurance carriers, and self-insured employers have a legal right to this request to learn whether your injury or condition is related to the claim you make.  But, rest assured, an honest and fair evaluation of your condition and surrounding circumstances is our priority.  We are never influenced by whomever requests the evaluation.  We always give thorough and unbiased opinions of each medical assessment regardless of whomever it may favor.

Find Dr. Sargeant in the National Registry Here:  #3819590903

We know what a hassle it can be sometimes trying to get a medical form or other administrative documentation completed by a doctor.  That’s because, quite frankly, doctors don’t like doing them.  But here at MIMPC, documentation is half our business.  Whether it’s completing pre-printed forms or composing eloquent comprehensive letters from scratch, we’ll get it done for you and in the hands of the interested party in a timely and efficient manner.  

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