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Evaluative & Administrative Physicals It Doesn’t Matter Why You Need It! Just know if you do, we’ve got your back

Thorough, but timely medical evaluations for any requirement.

Whether you’re a commercial driver, a traveler, an athlete, a nursing student, a government worker, or just curious about your health, we know what to do and you can expect complete and accurate reports of your results  provided to you or submitted to your employer or agent with limited delays–guaranteed.   

We conduct disability physicals per requirements for the Department of Social Services (DSS), Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Agreed Medical Examinations (AME), or personal disability evaluations.   Our doctors are Civil Surgeons and therefore qualified to complete your immigration physical.  They are also FMSCA Certified to conduct DOT physical exams.  

Whatever you need it for, it doesn’t matter.  We’ll take care of you.

What is Evaluation Medicine?

Coined by Dr. Sargeant, evaluation medicine is defined as the study and complete appraisal of the current state of the human physical condition be it changed by disease or in perfect health for the purpose of review or to formulate official documentation as opposed to acquiring the information for the purpose of treatment. The term also entails expertise in preparing and communicating the collected data to all parties concerned in an intelligible, uncomplicated report that is easily understood by professionals and lay-persons alike.

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