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General Medical Services

When’s the last time you felt good leaving the doctor’s office?

Like you were really well taken care of?  

Well, at MIMPC we make your answer to that question our priority! We have balanced technology, evidence-based medicine, and exceptional customer service to bring you an efficient and truly excellent modern approach to health care. Now, this is the proverbial doctor’s office reinvented!  We’ve challenged the convention and have created a whole new meaning to the idea of a medical home by designing care around you and your needs.  

Our approach includes availing responsive, highly trained, and caring professionals to you whenever you need us.  We make it easy for you to book your appointment with us either online or via phone 24/7 and guarantee a connection with your provider in a timely efficient manner.

Come check us out for yourself.  When you leave our office, we know you’ll say: “Now, that felt good!”

Adult Medicine, Our Bread & Butter Upgrade your medical experience

Screening Exams

General Wellness Exam

Female Wellness Exam

Male Wellness Exam

Diabetes Screening

Cardiac Assessment

Skin Exam

Hepatitis Screening

STD Screening

Urinary Wellness

Asthma / COPD Screening

Arthritis Assessment

Smoker’s Assessment

Thyroid Health Screening

Hypertension Screening

Pulmonary Wellness

Cholesterol Screening

Timeline Screening Examinations


No Insurance?  Or maybe you just like the idea of a hassle-free check-up.

Well, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.  We’ve bundled screening evaluations to help you check for diabetes, asthma, thyroid problems and more and all in a way that wont break you.  If you’re in between insurances or would rather pay cash, these screening bundles are just what the doctor ordered.

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