How This Works

Decide which labs you need.  You can order your labs: by name or by panel.  Add your desired labs to your shopping cart and check out.

If you have not yet completed a New Patient Welcome form, you’ll be asked to complete one BEFORE getting your lab requisition.  

Once we have your New Patient Welcome form on file and your lab order, we will put your lab requisition form together and send it to the email you indicate via a password protected attachment.

Print your requisition and take it to any QUEST DIAGNOSTICS LABORATORY. Click here to find one near you.

In about 2-3 days, your designated MIMPC doctor will receive your results and review them.  You will be notified via the email you indicated.  

MIMPC Hawk Watch is included in your lab service.  A copy of your original labs will be provided for your records.  

Connect with an MIMPC doctor via MCareMD to discuss your labs and receive treatment if necessary.   


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Ordering labs from us doesn’t have to be scary or confusing. If you want us to take over at any time, click the “Consult a Doctor Now” button to schedule an appointment with an MCare doctor and we’ll order your labs for you.


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