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Test by Panel

This is NOT chain of custody or federal drug screen panel. They should be used clinically only.  DAP pertains to the number of drugs in the panel.

DAP 10-50 Screen

1. Amphetamines



2. Barbiturates

3. Benzodiazepines

4. Cocaine Metabolites

5. Marijuana Metabolites

6. Methadone

7. Methaqualone

8. Opiates

     Opiates Morphine




9. Phencyclidine


Drug Screen Panel (Non-Federal, Non-COC)

ID Code

Name of Test



DAP 10-50


Cholesterol Heart Health Panel Medication Level Check Pregnancy Well Female Panel Well Male Panel Easy Bruising and Bleeding Fatiuge and Muscle Pain Allergy Panel Bone Health Panel Kidney Health Panel Liver Health Panel Arthritis Panel Anemia Panel STD Screening Panel General Health Screen Thyroid Panel Hepatitis Panel Diabetes Panel
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