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MCareMD : What we treat

What is this?

Pneumonia is quite simply an infection of the lung structures, particularly the air sacs or alveoli.  Sometimes the infection can cause the air sacs to fill with fluid or pus making it difficult to breathe.  When that happens, oxygen can’t be exchanged for CO2 in the blood.  Any infectious organism can cause a pneumonia including bacteria, virus, or fungi.  

What are the symptoms?

Cough is the most common complaint followed by high fever, body aches, weakness, and difficulty breathing.  But there are some patient who might present to their doctors atypically.  Many elderly patients, for instance, may presents with other complaints such as weakness, headaches, and low temperature and never complain of a cough.  

Can it be treated?

Antibiotics are the main treatment—orally for mild cases and intravenously for more severe cases.

How can MCare M.D. help?

If you have a cough and you think it may be a pneumonia, then let us know everything when you talk to your doctor.  Rest assure everything you tell us is completely confidential.  If the doctor thinks that you need new medication or should continue your current medication, he or she will send an order to the pharmacy of your choice instantly.

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