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Innovative General Adult Medical Services and Expert Health Evaluations Call now for more information (877) 254-4496
Click here to go to secure site:  https://www.mimpc.com
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Our Virtual Clinic:  ZipClinic No Hassle.  No Fuss.  No Nurse. Fast, efficient.  Do it yourself right now!

Quick, focused, inexpensive adult TeleCare.  No nurse! Just you, the doctor and quick access to your own medical information.

Maybe you woke up feeling under the weather or you have a cough, your asthma’s kicking up again, or it hurts when you pee. Who needs this, right?  And especially when you’re a busy mom, a student studying for an exam, or just can’t miss work again!

Well, try to relax and click here to enter our secure online medical clinic where we’ll diagnose and treat your minor ailment.  Our MIMPC physician can call in a treatment to any pharmacy of your choice.  

Say our Doc thinks you need blood work or an image study like a chest x-ray.  What happens then?  No worries!  You’ll get a password-protected e-mail with an attached lab or radiology order for you to take to the facility of your choice.

Need a referral to a specialist?  No problem.  We can fax or e-mail that script to you and help you find one near you.

What if all you need is blood work?  Well, we can

do that too.  

Or, just click here and order it yourself!

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