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All About Your Immigration Physical

To complete your immigration journey in the United States, you need to have a medical examination performed by a doctor authorized by US Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you're applying for a green card or adjustment of immigration status in the US, plan on setting up your immigration physical as soon as you’re ready to proceed.

At Monrovia Internal Medicine & Primary Care, Ulin Sargeant, MD, MPH has the experience you can rely on as you move through the US immigration process. She offers immigration physicals from her Duarte, California, office as part of a full range of physical exam services. Dr. Sargeant can advise you on what to expect, what to bring, and how to proceed with your next steps.

Why screen physical health as part of the immigration process?

It's important for the US to keep accurate, up-to-date public health information about its citizens and residents. You can be deemed inadmissible for a green card or residency on health-related grounds if you have conditions including:

Additionally, you can't be approved until you show proof of all required vaccinations.

At your immigration physical, we screen for infectious or contagious diseases, get you caught up on immunizations, and make sure you meet the criteria for admissibility. With these exams, we protect the entire population of the country — including you.

What you should bring to the exam

When you come in for your physical appointment, you need to bring some documentation with you:

You should also be prepared to pay for your exam at time of your appointment.

What to expect during your immigration physical

During your physical evaluation, Dr. Sargeant thoroughly reviews your medical history before performing a full physical exam. If needed, she can review and update your vaccinations. We use a skin test to screen for tuberculosis. You may also need blood or urine tests as part of your immigration physical.

When your physical is complete, both you and your examining physician sign your I-693 form. If you use an interpreter to help you communicate, your interpreter also needs to sign your I-693 form.

We seal the completed form in an envelope for you to hand to your lawyer or other immigration services authority. Typically, you get these completed forms within a few days’ time.

Dr. Sargeant and her team at Monrovia Internal Medicine & Primary Care can guide you through every step of the immigration physical process. To make an appointment, call our office at 877-254-4496 or use our online booking option.

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