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How an Urgent Care Appointment Works

How an Urgent Care Appointment Works

Sometimes you need to talk to a doctor right away, not in a few weeks when you can schedule an appointment. If your situation is a medical emergency, including a loss or change of consciousness, difficulty breathing, or chest pain, dial 911 for emergency help immediately.

For non-life-threatening illnesses, injuries, and other medical questions and complaints, there’s urgent care. At Monrovia Internal Medicine & Primary Care of Duarte, California, Dr. Ulin Sargeant and her team can help you handle whatever medical situation you or a loved one find yourselves in. Here’s what you need to know about urgent care appointments.

When should you seek urgent care?

Some medical situations need speedy care or evaluation to keep problems from progressing or complications from developing. Use urgent care to deal with medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries that need immediate attention but are not life-threatening emergencies.

Urgent care support can help with:

You also can get assistance with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes management.

Making your urgent care appointment

Dr. Sargeant and the MIMPC team make it easy for you or a loved one to get the urgent care support you need. When possible, call our office on your way in to let us prepare for your arrival. If you can’t easily make it into the office for whatever reason, take advantage of our telemedicine scheduling tool online.

For patients who visit our practice for urgent care, we always prioritize promptness and compassion. You’ll be seen as soon as possible by one of our experienced, understanding providers. We believe in treating the whole person with respect and dignity, and we make sure you’re fully aware of the details of your care and treatment plan.

Urgent care via telemedicine also gives you plenty of face-time with your provider. If you request an urgent care telemedicine appointment on short notice, we help you speak with Dr. Sargeant or another provider from the comfort and security of your home, or any other location, giving you flexible support.

Telemedicine appointments are secure and confidential. You can show your provider symptoms via video, get medications prescribed, and discuss your treatment plan moving forward.

The benefits of urgent care

With urgent care support, you and your loved ones get the benefit of immediate, experienced care. Urgent care services may be less expensive and time-consuming than a trip to the emergency room while still giving you the same high standards of treatment and expertise.

MIMPC offers urgent care support via our walk-in clinic and telemedicine. No matter your situation, we’ve got you covered. For the urgent care support you need, call 877-254-4496 or use the links online to visit by telehealth now.

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