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Learn About the Many Benefits of Telemedicine

The days of house calls are long over. So what happens when you need to speak to a doctor but don’t feel like going out of your house? Telemedicine virtually takes your doctor to you, enabling you to discuss your concerns over your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Ulin Sargeant, MD, MPH brings her extensive medical expertise directly to you, whether in person at our office of Monrovia Internal Medicine & Primary Care in Duarte, California, or through the growing field of telemedicine.

What is telemedicine?

Technology continually contributes to the world of medicine. It was only a matter of time before such advances as smartphones and computers would find their way into your doctor’s office. Dr. Sargeant continually looks for new and better ways to treat her patients. Remaining on the cutting edge of technology as it relates to healthcare, Dr. Sargeant now offers telemedicine to help fill the gap between in-office visits. Through telemedicine, the doctor can:

A telemedicine visit at Monrovia Internal Medicine & Primary Care gives you nearly all the benefits of a traditional, in-office visit, without the hassle of physically going to our office. We can still be there when you need us most, without long drives or waiting.

Let’s face it, there are plenty of occasions when a comforting word or two from the doctor would mean the world. Your telemedicine appointments are completely secure, so you can rest assured that your confidential information remains safe, and that you’re getting the same quality care you would at our office.

Telemedicine saves time and money

The American Medical Association (AMA) reports that both patients and medical practices save money with the advent of telemedicine. By improving access and helping patients avoid costly, time-consuming emergency room visits and hospitalizations, virtual medicine continues to reduce both time and money. Patients can:

The merging of technology and medicine

As technology grows, so do advancements in telemedicine. While the field has actually existed for many years, recent developments have brought telemedicine into the 21st century, incorporating:

The possibilities are endless, as telemedicine brings your doctor’s knowledge directly into your home. Women with high-risk pregnancies, people with diabetes, cardiac and post-op patients, and others concerned about their conditions can consult with Dr. Sargeant in the comfort of their homes.

Do I need to follow up in-office?

Depending on your symptoms, Dr. Sargeant may request a follow-up visit in our office to evaluate your progress and discuss future treatments. Oftentimes, your telemedicine virtual visit will suffice.

If you’d like to set up a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Sargeant for yourself or a family member, call Monrovia Internal Medicine & Primary Care or make an appointment online today.

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