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What is Telemedicine and How it Can Help You

You may have been hearing a lot more about telemedicine lately. With the need for social distancing, increased attention to handwashing and hygiene, and people staying safe in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be hesitant to make an in-person medical appointment. Could telemedicine be helpful for you?

Ulin Sargeant, MD, MPH, founder of Monrovia Internal Medicine & Primary Care in Duarte, California, was emphasizing the potential benefits of telemedicine long before anyone had heard of 2020’s novel coronavirus. Whether you can't make it to an in-office appointment because you’re worried about potentially infectious symptoms or you have ongoing issues with mobility, transportation, or scheduling, telemedicine can help you get the medical attention you need.

With telemedicine, Dr. Sargeant, often called “Sarge” by her patients, can ensure that you receive the one-on-one, personalized medical care you need to keep you in good health, even in difficult times. Here, we share more about what she can do for you during a telemedicine appointment.

Easy and convenient access

Making and scheduling a telemedicine appointment is so easy. You can use your personal computer, smartphone, or tablet device to securely access our virtual appointment scheduling tools.

Instead of having to travel to the office and then dealing with the waiting room, all you have to do when it's time for your appointment is sign on with your device and get started talking to a professional about your health, wellness, and other concerns.

A two-way link

Telemedicine allows you to communicate with Dr. Sargeant and for her to respond to you in real time. You may have questions for Dr. Sargeant or need to show her an image or video of a concerning symptom. Dr. Sargeant might have questions for you following up on issues regarding your health or wellness. She can request any images she needs from you to complete a visual examination using our telemedicine treatment tools.

As part of telemedicine appointment, Dr. Sargeant can also prescribe medications for you or adjust your prescriptions as needed. She can even remotely order your prescriptions for pickup or delivery through your pharmacy of choice.

Secure technology systems

You don't need to worry about your private medical information being released online as a result of a telehealth visit. Only authorized users can gain access to your data. Your appointment will be covered under HIPAA regulations, just the same as an in-person session, fully protecting your medical privacy.

To get started with telemedicine at Monrovia Internal Medicine & Primary Care, contact us today. You can call 877-254-4496 to schedule an appointment, or use the online tool  to set up your telemedicine visit.

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